Lift off with the
galaxy’s finest cannabis-infused
non-alcoholic spirits.

As a one-to-one replacement for traditional spirits, you can enjoy crafted, flavorful cocktails without the buzz or hangover.

Bar carts will never be the same.

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MXXN Jalisco Agave: THC-Infused, Alcohol-Free Tequila Spirit
Jalisco Agave 750 mL (25.4 oz)
100mg THC 6mg per 1.5oz

Notes of sweet agave, oak, vanilla. With hints of flint and salt, Jalisco Agave is perfect for making margaritas and palomas.

Add a squeeze of lime, sparkling water or grapefruit soda for a refreshing high.

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MXXN London Dry: THC-Infused, Alcohol-Free Gin Spirit
London Dry 750 mL (25.4 oz)
100mg THC 6mg per 1.5oz

Floral aromas with refreshing citrus, juniper and cucumber makes London Dry the ideal beverage for infused martinis or a classic G&T.

Add tonic for a simple mixed drink and a new kind of buzz.

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MXXN Kentucky Oak: THC-Infused, Alcohol-Free Bourbon Spirit
Kentucky Oak 750 mL (25.4 oz)
100mg THC 6mg per 1.5oz

Notes of charred oak, vanilla and demara sweetness are reminiscent of Kentucky’s famous barrel aging – perfect for a new kind of old fashioned.

Try it with cola for a smooth flavor and an even smoother buzz.

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MXXN 2oz Variety Pack
MXXN 60mL Variety Pack 180 mL
24mg THC 6mg per 1.5oz

MXXN 60mL three pack includes Jalisco Agave, London Dry and Kentucky Oak. Each 60mL contains 8mg of THC.

Feel the vibein minutes.
0% alcohol. 100% cocktail.Smooth buzz, no booze.That’s one small step for cannabis and one giant leap for cocktails.0% hangover. 100% happy hour.


MXXN was born when an alcohol-industry vet saw a vision of how the benefits of cannabis could evolve cocktail culture. MXXN’s taste is crafted for cocktails and its emulsion is formulated to deliver a sessionable high.

This Vibe Hits Different

Through years of testing and tweaking, we’ve created the optimal cannabis beverage experience, helping you float away with an enjoyable high.


A 1:1 replacement for your favorite spirit.

Quick Onset

Feel the glow in 15-30 minutes.

2-6 mg Per Serving

Start slow, you control your high.

A Different Buzz

Lift off without any next-day turbulence.

MXXN London Dry Martini


Here are some things you’re probably curious about.

What is MXXN?

MXXN (pronounced moon) is a cannabis-infused, non-alcoholic spirit formulated with the help of mixologists and designed to be a 1:1 replacement for classic spirits.

How is MXXN meant to be enjoyed?

MXXN is meant to be enjoyed as a 1:1 to spirit replacement in your favorite cocktails. Our Kentucky Oak can be subbed for your favorite bourbon, or London Dry for your favorite gin and our Jalisco Agave for tequila.

How do I dose MXXN?

2mg THC — 0.5 oz  //  4mg THC — 1 oz  //  6mg THC — 1.5 oz

What type of effects does MXXN have?

The best way to describe the way MXXN makes you feel is GLOW. A new kind of buzz that won’t leave you worthless the next day.

How long does it take for me to feel MXXN’s effects?

Allow 15-30 minutes to feel the full effect.

Is MXXN safe to drink if I have a food allergy?

Yes, MXXN is gluten, dairy and nut free.

Where can I purchase MXXN?

Purchase MXXN online and get notified here. MXXN is also available in select retailers in California.

Does MXXN support any charities?

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of MXXN go to organizations working to pass federal marijuana reform that acknowledges the disproportionate harm faced by low-income, Black, Latinx communities, and works toward repairing this harm.

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