Cheers to change.

The start of the state-by-state legalization of cannabis was a monumental moment in US history. However, as the industry grows, some disturbing trends are beginning to take shape. One of the most glaring trends is the vast underrepresentation of people of color in the industry. Shockingly only 4% of the market share is currently owned by minorities. This is unacceptable, especially after the “War on Drugs” disproportionately ravished minority communities across the country. In fact, to this day minorities are 4x more likely to be arrested for cannabis possession than a white person, even though they both use cannabis at similar rates.  

As a minority-owned company, we at MXXN feel a responsibility to do everything we can to create and lead a more equitable future in the cannabis industry. You can call it a mission, a passion, or just a promise that as we develop we will be focused on change. 

To do so, we plan on:

  • Developing and providing opportunities to minorities across our ecosystem. Starting with our internal staff, to working with vendors, partners, and supply chain organizations that are actively involved in creating a more equitable future.
  • Supporting fellow organizations doing what they can to ensure fair access to the industry by being at the forefront of social justice issues and participating in the fight to reduce the number of people imprisoned with non-violent cannabis offenses.
  • Working with other minority-owned companies to educate and empower minority communities to become active participants in the growth and evolution of the industry.

We are blessed to be on this journey and will continue to update you on our efforts to ensure an equitable future for us all. A better tomorrow starts today. 

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